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The GigaOm Radar report helps IT Professionals understand, explore, and evaluate the Federated Kubernetes Landscape, analyzing current, emerging, and future solutions and approaches that will impact enterprise cloud customers.

What is Federated Kubernetes?

The Federated Kubernetes approach makes it easier to work with multiple clusters running on distributed systems, provides high availability and avoids vendor lock-in.

Recent GigaOm Report names Rancher an Outperformer in Federated Kubernetes.

The report evaluates vendors along a set of critical and differentiating areas, including:

  • Federated Architecture
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Workload Migration
  • Use of Federated Data
  • Enhanced Performance
The GigaOm Radar recognized Rancher as:
  • A leader in Federated Kubernetes Management
  • An outperformer in the Federated Kubernetes market
  • Focused on Kubernetes distribution as a strategy, meaning that more distributed cluster features will likely arise from their product road map.

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