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k3s: The Lightweight Kubernetes Distribution Built for the Edge

Online Meetup - March 13, 2019

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  • Shannon Williams

    VP of Sales, Co-Founder

  • Darren Shepherd

    Chief Architect, Co-Founder


Kubernetes is pushing out of the data center into stores, networks and factories. DevOps teams are excited about Kubernetes because it provides predictable operations and a cloud-like provisioning experience on just about any infrastructure. For the last year Rancher Labs has been working with organizations to create a lightweight implementation of Kubernetes that is easy to operate and can run on x86 and ARM infrastructure without using more than 512 MB of memory. To meet these requirements we’ve developed a new distribution of Kubernetes that is designed for teams that need to deploy applications quickly and reliably to resource-constrained environments. We’ve called it k3s.

In this meetup, Rancher co-founders Shannon Williams and Darren Shepherd will be on hand to demonstrate k3s’ features and answer any questions. Join us to discuss:

  • What you need to run k3s on the edge
  • How to develop an operational model for single-node and clustered edge environments built using k3s
  • How to manage hundreds of micro-clusters using k3s


Imagine if you could get close to 100% availability and enable non-stop productivity for your organization? This wouldn’t just help your business dramatically and free up valuable time for IT teams, it could also make your organization stand out in your industry and among customers — for being ultra dependable.

Amid the current economic uncertainty, there’s a great story happening with organizations which are using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications. They’ve been able to minimize service outages and simplify maintenance, ensuring their business lines stay productive with continuous uptime.

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